Find a program's "home" directory, based on the presence of a file.

This can be a directory containing files that are included with or created by the program, and should be accessible no matter how the program is built/invoked of which current directory it is invoked from.

Use a set of individually-unreliable methods to find the path. This is necessary, because:

- __FILE__ by itself is insufficient, because it may not be an absolute path, and the compiled binary may have been moved after being built;

- The executable's directory by itself is insufficient, because build tools such as rdmd can place it in a temporary directory;

- The current directory by itself is insufficient, because the program can be launched in more than one way, e.g.:

- Running the program from the same directory as the source file containing main() (e.g. rdmd program.d)

- Running the program from the upper directory containing all packages and dependencies, so that there is no need to specify include dirs (e.g. rdmd ae/demo/http/httpserve.d)

- Running the program from a cronjob or another location, in which the current directory can be unrelated altogether.

string testFile
string sourceFile = __FILE__


testFile string

Relative path to a file or directory, the presence of which indicates that the "current" directory (base of the relative path) is the sought-after program root directory.

sourceFile string

Path to a source file part of the program's code base. Defaults to the __FILE__ of the caller.

Return Value

Type: string

Path to the sought root directory, or null if one was not found.